How to kill the German in Bunker 5?

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 I figured out how to get through it. Time your clicks on the F key with the pulses. You will fall down and the german will attack your friend. After he stabbs your friend, he will attack you with the bayonet. Again, time your ckicks with the pulses. You will see a german helmet. Line up the target reticles on it and click the 1 key. You will bash his head in. Then you have to drag your buddy on a prearranged course while fending off germans with your pistol. At midpoint, a potatoe masher grenade will be flung at you. You must click the G key to pick it up and throw it in a trench. Then you continue to drag your friend to safety while still under fire. When you reach safety, there will be a "heart wrenching" scene of screaming for help and saying goodbye to your buddy. Then they finally give control of the character back to you... I absolutely hate when a game takes away the gamers free will and forces you to do something stupid. I very nearly deleted the game because of this situation. Whoever designed this scene is an imbecile.

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Thats just NUTS! Guess Ill just look for another game to play...
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