Gotten the Heroic MP-40 3 times...

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The odds on doing this must be insane. For how infrequently the heroic items drop and I get 2 dups.


Cmon cod. 

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I'll swap you the heroic sawn off and heroic mg42 for the dupes, lol

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I've gotten a heroic bazooka, and a heroic f'ing machine pistol.

I also have pretty much every "epic" Type 100 there is. 

The only decent Epic guns I have an an M1 Garande and an SVT.  

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I have it too, plus 3 other Heroic weapons. To bad the only bonus of a Heroic vs Epic is it's 15% XP while Epic is 10% XP.
Wish there would be some extra bonus to the gun's vs normal.
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Extra bonus like what?

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I get mostly dups now except the endless amount of pistol grip designs.

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