Gifting rewards to other players.

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Anybody else thought of this, or has it maybe already been discussed? Other than this forum I don't really follow the latest news on Cod or if sledgehammer tweets anything I don't have any social media accounts to keep track.


It was something that I thought of for the ones of us who ain't really bothered about the unique variants or maybe there's certain weapons we like and don't like (I have 1 heroic of each launcher and never use them, so they kind of wasted on me) . We could do somebody else a favour by giving them that AR they really want or whatever. Maybe for social score or credits? Or even a staked 1v1 each player stakes an item they are willing to lose. (but then again I'd imagine some people to abuse the 1v1 feature by losing on purpose to friends or their alternate accounts etc)


Just a thought really, there's already a social space for this to work in. If I've missed anything or if there's any points as to why this might be a really bad idea feel free to share. Just wondering what everybody else thinks about this idea? 

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Personally a fan of this idea but will never be implemented. How will Activision make money out of supply drops if all people have to do is trade. Then those who continually buy sd to get that item they want won' have to = less money. 


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Wel said. Thinking the same about. But would be nice in any way.

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That's a very good point to be fair, well said! 

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It's a great idea but it will never happen. They won't get money out of it.
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