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Every since the winter patch I’ve been getting kicked in every game type within thirty seconds. I went from 578 wins-270 loses to over 338 loses because each time I get kick I counts as a loss. Not only is that complete horse***** I love how there is not one single person from Activision/sledgehammer/ anyone acknowledging these issues. Not only are you guys a bunch of pansies hiding behind your computer screens by disabling emails and chats, you advertise all these supply drops and want more money from us. You are a sorry excuse for a company and you don’t deserve another penny from me or anyone else, I really hope your anus is lubed because all hell is going to break lose, better save up all that money because class actions law suits are gonna be coming, I’ll be one of them. I’ll be the first to get my 400 bucks back from this broken ass game and lackluster attempts to appease the community. I’m not a hateful person, but I hope Santa *****s down all your chimneys. Suck it Activision you are a disgrace.

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Yup, it's a VERY widespread issue and people are pretty fed up.  Sledgehammer wont even aknowlege there is an issue.


Check out the reddit forums, they are getting flamed and they refuse to reply.  All they said is "we heard there was an issue on release day, anyone still seeing it"  LOL!!! 

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Going to file a class action lawsuit, hope your wallets are ready you thieving dickheads

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just a heads up i was having the same problem i uninstalled the game and reloaded it and it seemed to help me i played  a good 2- hours of war and had 1- game that locked up hope this helps . i tryed  support and no one even answer me back so this the only thing i could come up with and it worked for me .

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I did the whole reinstall the game and factory reset router and it lasted a few games then went back to the disconnect BS.

FROSTY scriv
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Hi Men, i'm having your same problem. In Classified/Ranked match or challenge or whatever you call, i have earned gold position but with the last fckin' winter patch every single time that i play the server fall down and i went from 1575 points to 1201 points, because when i get kick out from the match i lose 50 points. The official support is offline and the "Ambassador" doesn't answer me so none resolved my pretty problem. Merry Christmas to everyone, i hate winter patch, it masturb***s my brain!
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