Connection Problem Discussion Thread (GOOD CONN, STAY AWAY)

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Hey I have lagged out of 30 games and got 30 loses for it!!!!!

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Your not the only 1 im going from around mid 20 kills from 1 game to 0 for 8. in seconds the next game
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Something about 130-140 wins, and 540-550 loses. Think this tells all. LOL

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This is the 1st cod that I don' care about my w/l. Between games that Chuck me out, games I spawn in as b flag already captured by enemy team and games where the connection is horrific and I quit ( most popular ) my w/l is at an all time low. 

At the stage now where I just shrug it off and try another roll on the connection lottery until I find something stable. 

Rumours on yt are that someone has provided driftor with scientific proof that sbmm is in ww2 so it'll be interesting when the final results are posted and if 'ping really is King. 

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