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Like everyone, I was super excited to play this game.  So excited that I decided to actually preorder it--but I prefer to have an actual hardcopy rather than a digital download, as I have had issues downloading games from the marketplace in the past.  So I got the game, and realised that the multiplayer was completely messed up.  After waiting to talk with an Activision Assistant, waiting should be their actual game, I was finally able to figure out how to get my preorder bonus of 2xp and weapon unlock to help to them.  ONLY to find out that they accidently hit the 2XP for EVERYONE.  Fine, no big deal...make it the same for everyone across the board, I have no problem with that.  However, I cannot play the game due to serious server issues.  I've been on for maybe a day, and completely missed out on the 3XP weekend (which they are extending through tonight...oh wait, I still can't play).


Then, I read that they are giving 1100 CoD points to anyone who did a digital download.  Seriously? This is fair?  I preordered the game, had a hell of a time reaching support, can't even play the thing and now you are excluding ME from getting points as well? How is this fair Activision?  Stop excluding people, especially since the launch was a total flop.  I don't care if it's for "digial downloads only", this is complete crap.  I paid $60 for the game, as well as $60 for Xbox Live and guess what? I can't utilize either because your game is a joke.  Your servers are a joke.  Your customer service (more like lack there of) is a joke.


If this is NOT addressed, and if we all don't get CoD points (which I'm sure that a multi-billion dollar company can afford to keep customers happy), then CoD as well as Xbox will be losing a loyal company.  I used to sing CoD and Xbox praises for their games, but not anymore.  $120 may not seem like a lot to a huge company, but to me it is.  Fix your servers, fix your game and give us all 1100 CoD points at the least.


Thanks (let me guess, I won't get a response either)

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the 1100 cod points was a preorder bonus for digital downloads of the game , retail copies had other retailer preorder bonuses 

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The "Retailer" bonuses were bonuses that EVERYONE else got. Ex. 2xp. But since the servers have been screwed up, I haven't even been able to obtain that. They need to compensate us more for being unable to provide service.
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Howdy Buckeye,

I am not personally a fan of COD points, but I would lilke to offer an alternative idea.

Imo, if Activision/Sledgehammer would like to honestly make some amends, I'd say do the following.

1. Fix the issues. If that means buying some more dedicated servers, so be it.

2. Once the game we bought is stable, cut off one or two of the maps they have already made and squirreled away for future season pass and dlc sales. We know you have em ready, you guys could always make more. I'm not saying, I'm just saying. Sure would go a long way to beef up the rather tiny selection of 9 maps that we currently have, and for myself, it would mean you do care about your players who support your company.

Good intentions are nice, good deeds are remembered.

Thanks 👍🙂

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Whatever works, as long as they compensate everyone for their lack of service.
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One thing you have correct is that they are a multi billion dollar company, so just being honest here. Do you really thing one loyal "company" (I am assuming you meant customer) is going to bother them and keep them up at night? I get it, it just bothers me how people throw out they are gonna lose me as a customer. Like its gonna break their bank.

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