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hello all i would like to introduce you to the complete rigged ai scam that is call of duty

although i know all of the children that caused this will just say oh u suck u have no skill etc blah blah i will have you know that i have 30 years experience playing fps games... ive been playing since duck hunt on nintendo and have always been a top level player, also i am perfectly fine in knowing when someone is better then me... i know when my aim is off and when it is spot on and i know when i should win a gun battle when i should lose a gun battle and when a gun battle can go either way just please spare me the "your just not good bs" and dont bother posting if thats what u ave to say

so now onto the point...

call of duty has become a complete rigged ai scam and i will explain in detail and my theory behind it...



around the time of ghosts call of duty was losing mass amounts of players because of the skill gap between good and bad players the bad players would buy the game play a couple times and totally lose interest... something had to be done to bridge the gap between the good and the bad and keep people playing


i found it extremely odd how activision was saving all that game play data a while back in this period (when u could replay any of your matches even through enemies) i believe that they analized the data for multiple reasons such as what makes players play more/longer vs what makes players play less and how good and bad players move/aim/shoot etc


how it works...


1st think of how wall hack works... this hack was not created by someone it was in the game and they extracted and modified the files for it to make it appear in game instead of being hidden to the user.... the game knows everyones postion direction distance and movements of all players...

the game will make an assumption of who is the best players based off of movements corresponding to enemy players.. example: player a is behind a wall... player b is looking at that wall from a headglitch.. player b may or may not know player a is behind the wall and vise versa but the ai in the game will make an assumption based off movements and actions of players a and b corresponding to each other and assume which of the players is aware of the other... if the ai established that one player is aware and the other isnt it will give that player a boost vs the other player creating an unfair advantage.. if the ai determines both players are aware or unaware of each other it will give no boost and remain neutral.


when the ai assumes the best player based off movements actions and gun skill it gives this player a super boost vs all enemies. it greatly increases aim assist to where it is almost auto aim and gives this player what activision calls lag compensation. many people think they know what lag compensation is but they dont... lag compensation is literally the ai in the game giving this player what we all know as a "lag switch" creating an obvious extreme disadvantage to all other players... when top player perks are obtained they inlude the following: extreme aim assist boost, lag compensation/switch, increased health, increased bullet damage, increased/decreased movement speed (depending on what the game has determined will give the player a better advantage to oncoming unseen enemy or to escape an enemy), god grenades ( grenades thrown in direction of an enemy will bend around corners, change the time it takes to detonate or take whatever tragectory is needed to reach the enemy regardless of the throw angle and also increase or decreased the speed at which the nade travels

we've all seen it happen where that one guy is just instanly melting everyone.. he can ADS 3 people in 3 different places and lock right on one then the next and next and barely miss a bullet... you get in a gunfight with him and boom he melts you with a fg seemingly faster then a fg could even fire enough bullets to kill someone and mysteriously you cant hit/kill him to save your life even tho your aimed right at him and fired right away boom your dead melted... your pre-aiming a corner/door and he comes and boom your melted... this is what has everyone .. even the pros wondering what the hell is wrong with hit detection / lock on / aim assist in this game... well nothing at all is wrong with it.. the player has a lag switch that the game has given him so you cant get that aim assist/lock on because hes not actually where he is appearing on your screen... and if your a good player you have had this work in your favor... you know those games where u start melting and prettty much just point in a general direction of and enemy shoot and melt them and dont even really need to try


i also believe that the ai is completely and totally rigging matchmaking and gameplay (who wins/loses) to make people play more.. i will use rank play mode as an example..

rank play is undoubtably rigged... i believe the teams are rigged so you are given a certain amount of wins/losses in a certain amount of games... example out of 5 games you are given 2 winning teams, 2 losing teams, and 1 nuetral set of teams to where a good player will genaraly have a 60% win ratio... this is why all across the board from top to bottom no one can make any progress and gain any signifigant points... anyone who plays rank mode a decent ammount probably just pooped there pants and said omg hes right... anyone who doesnt only needs to scroll through the leaderboards (keep in mind season 2 just started and will need a little more time to reflect this on the leaderboard... pretty much the only people making any progress are the ones doing shady business like playing in full parties i also believe this has something to do with why people are getting -50 and bans when playing in whats now a legal 2 man party in rank

swaying games.... have seen it way to many times where the teams are generaly even and no one has been able to obtain any significant boosts but one team is outplaying the other in positioning.. example one team is rotating and hold spawn better then the other... the game will then pass around the top player boost as it see fit and also spawn players wherever is needed to sway the game into a closer battle. u can even watch this happen with the pros on codcaster... a perfect prime example of this was approx. 2 weeks ago rise nation vs luminosity (not sure if it was vs luminosity but whoever) on ardennes forest hardpoint... on the 2nd to last hardpoint of the first rotation the game is about dead even both teams are playin each other perfectly gun battles are going either way score is something like 76-74 a little less then halfway through the hill luminosity get 3 kills rise gets 2 kills luminosity has spawn.. a player in the bunker and i think the other playing yellow barrel on the stree side of bunker... the 3 players from rise spawn behind cabin wall like they should and the 2 from luminosity spawn on each side of the back back bunker like they should the 4th player.. loony from rise then spawns directly behind the middle of the back back bunker behind the 2 players from luminosity that had literally just spawned kills the 2 players that had just spawned and the guy in hill because obviously there would be no way in their minds that anyone could possibly be behind them since all 4 players were recently killed and they had the spawn... luminosity then spawns completely on the other side of the world... ruins side of the bridge even tho they should have clearly spawned mid ruins or bell.... from this point on the game is completely 1 sided in every aspect altho it had been an amazing game and dead even through almost the entire first set of rotation.. you can clearly see on the codcaster that the game is spawning luminosity to where rise is in perfect position to pick them off every time... even the the announcers broadcasting the game were baffled at that spawn and complete change in the game... they claimed it to be the cod gods shining down on loony and rise.... well news flash that was nothing more then the ai in the game trying to sway the match in whatever way the ai decides on what to do


activision would like to have you believe that with boots on the ground now the playing field is even for everyone.... well news flash cod has always been boots on the ground and the playing field was never even and is never even in anything at all wether is be a video game, a sport, a war or whatever... the only time its ever even is when its made to be that way from outside sources... so ask yourself what happened to all the players (like myself) that maintained around a 3+/- now suddenly and mysteriously everyone is playing around the same level of play? if u believe that suddenly everyone is on a level playing field your honestly just a really stupid person...

everyone can draw their own conclusion just keep this info in mind... for me i believe this is all true and i will no longer play cod competitivly... ill be selling my monitor headset and scuf that i was duped into thinking i needed to stay competitive and just occasionaly play with my default controller on a 45 inch lcd like i always did while maintaining a 3+ kd which is now nothing more then a pipe dream unless i want to play in full parties which has a fun level of about 1 to me... im only posting this in hopes that someone important will catch wind of it and that it will lead to a class action lawsuit because if proven true this is highly illegal to be completely decieving and scamming competetive gamers like me who put alot of time and effort into this

wether you believe this to be true or not the fact is that it explains in detail all the questions everyone even the pros are asking such as whats wrong with hit detection/lock-on , whats up with the crazy wierd spawns, the inconsistency in gun battles, why your aim changes so much from one game to the next and so on

as crazy and ridiculous as this all may sound you have to remember that their is people making millions and tens of millions of dollars off this game and having a ai engine that changes and manipulates the game to where they have deemed it will make people play more after extensive research is more likely then crazy if you ask me

note... i just threw this together to get it out there for now so forgive me if something doesnt make sense or im all over the place... i will be including alot of video evidence ive been compiling to support my claims and editing/adding to this soon... or i might just never come back again cuz like i said im done with getting cheated and scammed by this game and really am just in the hopes that this leads to a class action lawsuit as im almost certain it is all true... one thing thats undeniable is that this explains alot of questions people have been asking

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This is why I have always said adderall needs to be completely banned from comp play 

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The OP has proven, again, that Adderall doesn't make what someone types make any sense, it just makes them type a whole helluva lot. 

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Adderall actually can make people more tense and jittery. It's not necessarily good for gamplay. If they are tired, and they don't have ADHD, it will help them stay awake.

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You should post this comment here.

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He dit it

but it's still TL;DR 

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What wall hack? Are you talking about the white arrow? 

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I agree with a lot of what you said. The game definitely does certain things to keep play more even. A couple responses... Why, if the game is working to keep everything even, would it give the top player the boost? Also, when you said that "your honestly just a really stupid person" you spelled you're incorrectly. I believe if you're going to insult someone, you should be sure to spell things correctly. 

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If you don't have one of these yet, you should get one.  I don't think a hat will do your theory justice.


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the cake is a lie. the cake is a lie. the cake is a LIE.
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Sniperfrog returns lol

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