Abused for no reason (racist abuse)

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I am a regular gamer and love my Call of Duty WW2. My gamer name is rickysinghchana on play station 4.

I would like to state that while I was in the HEADQUATERS of the game I was checking my ranking.... and from nowhere this gamer called - ( Trol ) drmessy - was very abusive to other players in the headquarters. So I accessed my mic to tell him that I was going to report him - HE was very abusive to me too. Calling me all sorts of names and dirty abuses and to an extent even called me a PAKI severally. I'm a SIKH. Sikhs are respected for generosity and love and peace.

I have found this very disturbing and it has affected me emotionally. I would be interested in taking this matter further, lawfully.

I would like to hear from yourselves as to how you will settle this matter. That player should be totally banned.

I have reported him on the social network in game - as Offensive Language 

But I feel this person is not being fair to other humble players. As a matter of fact it is illegal to call someone The names he called me in the UK.

Can some one do something about this.


Thankyou for reading.

Today's date is 16th March 2019

Last online ps4 at approximately 8.20pm uk time

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Sadly nothing will be done, I've seen it go so far to where they even send a message via game mail and that get reported and nothing. All you can do is block the guy but even then with this game being 2 years old they really aren't trying to do much. Also this game is rated mature but as all online games online is not rated by ersb which means online is really unregulated. Lawfully speaking there's nothing to stand on even if he threatened you since he cant come through the mic and harm you and they will argue you can turn it off, and with you being in the UK and this guy being from wherever and whatever laws they have which probably protect him.

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