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Wipeout NTSC on PAL system.

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Wipeout NTSC on PAL system.

We use a PALXBOX 360 system with MANY NTSC games. I never realized there could be an issue with a NTSC game, till I bought the kids Wipeout in the Zone.

I get the error message as soon as the game starts to load.

I bought the game in the US but live in Israel.

Is there a workaround for this issue?

If not - where / how can I replace my game with a PAL version?



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Re: Wipeout NTSC on PAL system.

in reply to YuvalSive

Hello YuvalSive,

Sorry to hear about the disc region issue.

Some games are not region free and must be used on consoles of the same region.

You can try asking for a different region disc under the Warranty section on:

Sorry for the inconvenience. ^DB

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Re: Wipeout NTSC on PAL system.

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Hey! Did you try getting in touch with the warranty section? If yes, did they resolve your issue?

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