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White Night doesn't launch properly

White Night

Hi there, hope someone can help me. When I click "Play," the Steam "Preparing to Launch" window pops up briefly (as usual), the screen flicks to black for a moment, and then "White Night" pops up in my taskbar... but nothing else happens. I can click on it but my screen doesn't change other than the taskbar item reacting properly to my click, to indicate that it's now in focus. Task Manager indicates that WNight.exe (32 bit) is using 54.3 MB of RAM and 0 other resources.

I've tried running Steam as an administrator and verifying the game cache, and it didn't seem to detect any problems and didn't fix the issue. I've also tried running White Night in 640x480 mode (through Properties => Compatibility), as an administrator, and in several different compatibility modes (Win 7, Win XP SP2, maybe more).

I don't have problems with any other recent programs, 3D or otherwise. I've done my share of troubleshooting for all kinds of old games, but this issue came as a surprise. I appreciate any ideas that anyone can give me. A few folks have posted on similar issues in the Steam groups, it seems, and most haven't received responses - I expect because everyone is as stumped as I am. Here's an idea of what I'm working with:

Win 8.1 x64

Intel i7 4790k

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680


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