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scarface the world is yours for ps4

Velocity 2X


So we all know old games can be remade in highdef for instance the warriors,bully,gta san andreas,gta vice city and much more that companies have remade or updated on to next gen systems well i do realize that activions owns the right of scarface the world is yours and that they just realesed a new call of duty which is a great game but older games dont really cost much to remake on next gen systems so i also know im not the first to post but there are tons of people who would love to see scarface on next gen as a remake all together or at least at a downloadable game update with better graffics and i also beleive if activion gets enough hits they may just listen to us after all with out us buying there games the make no money so with enough support they might just do it so all who agree please post also.

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Registered: ‎07-12-2017

I agree this game brings back pure nostalgia, things like drug dealing, making money and expanding your empire really was a great business  game and still is a great game.I would love to play this awsome!!!! game on the Ps4/Xbox and re-live the golden memories again.

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Registered: ‎26-01-2018
I am a fan of the movie thats why I bought it, and the godfather and the Warriors. If they would have come out with the Godfather for PS4 I would buy it if they come out with Scarface I'm buying it. You got one constituent right here.
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this game needs to be remade, this is my one and only game ive longed to playt again, an upgraded HD remake would be just smashing, get yer finger oot !!! B-)

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I definitely agree been saying this for a long time..brang Scarface back immediately

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Registered: ‎31-10-2018

Remake the game! It surely isn't that hard, and Al Pacino would love it if you did, same with all the Scarface fans out there. lol, #REMASTERSCARFACE

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Registered: ‎20-11-2018

scarface was an epic game if this game was remasterd especially under activisions name and higher graphics i would guarantee that it would be a hit this game was really underated as it didnt really get that much of an introduction as the movie was in 1982 and the game dropped in 2000 something but if there was to be a remake or a second part it would fit right in todays society money, immagrants and crime the media also shows this and tv if we made another remake of this it would be great my dad got this game and i found it in the bottom of my game box and i didnt even know how to play but it looked good with the cutscenes and the shooting back then there was no ps4 and ps3 or any high graphic games and when scarface kicked out gta san andreas also lanched so there wasnt much competition as gta san andreas was most played

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