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hey activision please read this its very important

Transformers General


Hello  activtion i have a qestion for you why do you constantly spit in our faces removing the transformers games off the ps4 steam xbox one and anything else you can find copying ranbow six seige owverwatch witch you own by the way so why would you copy yourself and fortnite to chase trends instead of sticking to what your good at but thats not what im here to talk about im here on behalf of everyone who was sad because up until tf wfc and foc there tf games were pretty lack luster and then a new game comes out tf wfc and its and perfect but its want we needed foc inproves and its perfect then deavastion comes out pretty good beat em up and looter game like destiny with replay abillity never see that in activion poblished games anymore please please just put them back on the market place and stores there is a community and you left it you spit in our face by not adding dlc to tf wfc for pc strike one foc was just reskins but i but those packs and id buy them again for next gen i got 60 buck let me just go on my xbox one tf foc dlc packs ohhh wait YOU CANT im not mad at activion entirely becuase its not all your fault its mostly your fault tho just get those games back on the store make a 5 movie one peploe are still waiting and the ture fans you have made wether it for money or for sales idk there were great games and almost every one will so hey activion is not being worse then *****ing EA.... EA how are you worse then *****ING EA the worst compiny 2 years in a row is doing free dlc and much more listening to fans as you step backwards into the hole you climed out of back to the dark there is money to be made but there is also fans that crave it please Till All Are One

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Registered: ‎07-08-2018
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