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War for Cybertron - Matchmaking on Co-op & Multiplayer Servers don't work

Transformers General


War for Cybertron - Matchmaking on Co-op & Multipl...

How do we do matchmaking in this game? Can't play with friends at all in an existing game nor join them in the same lobby. Invites don't work. Even if the game is not full, it will pop up the Join Game Failure error & say the game is full or no longer exists or the server will open a new lobby with yourself alone in it after pretending to reserve a spot for you with the notification of "reserving 1 of 1 game" or whatever but ends up just placing you into a brand new lobby with you as the host. How do we play with friends on this game? NAT settings are correct, can play with random people dropping into the game but can't play with friends. 


And why is War for Cybertron not a listed Activision game anymore? O.o


Edit: same with Singularity, it's unlisted & servers don't do matchmaking correctly either. Can't join friends' games coz all I get is "The host is full or is no longer available" even though the match is nowhere near full, I still get thrown into lobbies by myself.

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