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Suggestions for Future games

Transformers General

I would enjoy seeing games with graphics similar to the Wii U version of Transformers Prime, when it comes to seeing our Robots in disguise, we want to RECOGNIZE the characters when they aren't in vehicle mode disguises.  When not disguised, we want to see their faces, we want to see their vehicle paintjobs, and we want to see their classic vehicle parts.  What we don't need is to see a random collection of parts that looks like a bunch of James and the Giant Peach microbots grinding against each other... We enjoy seeing VEHICLE/CAR PARTS, PAINTJOBS, and RECOGNIZED FACIAL EXPRESSIONS, in every autobot design, it's how human these robots can be that is appealing, not how alien they are.

Don't forget up to 6 player wireless LAN mode on CTR for Switch 2p per console. And cross-platform online play between Nintendo Switch and Xbox One when playing with friends.
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