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Hey Dany! Smiley Wink Have a nice Sunday, where do you come from bro ? And do you play, another Games, like Wildlands, World of Warcraft ( in 2 Days comes the next Expansion - Battle for Azeroth) or Far Cry 5 or so maybe bro ? Smiley Happy You can when you want answer me bro! Smiley Wink I Hope you are in Good Health! And that you have a nice, Summer / Weekend / And for The Future that we all have, a nice Winter / Gaming - Time Bro! Smiley Wink Because we have here in Germany, ( btw best regards from here! <3 hehe Smiley Very Happy ) A soooo *****! hot weather, okay now its since 3, 4 or 5 Days a little bit cooler, from 30, 35, or 40 Temperature, to 20, 25, or nearly 30! But we have since April, 4 Months now, without rain, maybe only 1, 2 or Maximum 3 Good Rainy Days, and most of these 4 Months, a very heavy critical highest Temperature nearly every Day, since 4 Months on the 40 Temperature Rank, you know what i mean ? Thats the Point because, i must say: I Love & Want & Want to Live only in Winter Bro! Smiley Happy Hehe, okay so i hope you have a better Weather than, what we have here, and have a nice Sunday my Friend! Smiley Happy I Want to test now later or so, the COD - Black Ops 4 - Beta. I Hope its good, because the last 3 Call of Duty - Games wasnt Good, and yes. But i wait for wow - bfa, and Fallout 76, for the 14th/Novembre/2018! NOW! Than! Smiley Very Happy Okay maybe we hear, see, write us later, when you want Smiley Wink I Search very nice, and comfortable People, who can play with me from time to time, we have a World of Warcraft Guild to, very chilled on Alliance & Horde side Smiley Happy <3 Smiley Happy So Bye have a Nice Sunday & New Week up Tomorrow & Have a Nice Time Brother Smiley Very Happy

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