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Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 Remastered???

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 - General discussions

I know this post doesn’t belong here, but there simply wasn’t anywhere else for me to put it. If you are a moderator please leave this up. I would like to raise some awareness to what I’m asking and hope someone from Activision (more than likely not) will see this.


So to get to the point! If any of you have played Activision and Neversoft’s (now Infinity Ward) 2004 hit Tony Hawk’s Underground 2, then you would know what an amazing game it truly was. I’ve been looking to play it for a long time, but with the graphics and the iffy maps from technology 14+ years ago... it makes it kind of hard to play. HOWEVER! Recently Call of Duty 4 was remastered... TWICE! If enough people gain support for this. we could get Tony Hawks Underground 2 Remastered. I know that I have plenty of people I know that would LOVE to play it again, and if you want to see it remastered, please help me and get this movement going!

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Honestly, I would love to see Project 8, Underground, and Underground 2 remastered a lot, I just picked up Pro Skater 5 and it's cool and all but those games were full of everything and so fun. Even Pro Sakter 3! I never played 4 but 3 was great as well. I along with you and I bet many others would love that though.

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I feel the same way completely! If they brought back Tony Hawk's Underground 1 & 2 Remastered but keeping everything else in the game the same as before just updating the graphics on it I would buy it in a heartbeat! I would even be willing to drop $60 on it!


I highly doubt they would ever do this but for the ones that grew up playing these games it would be fantastic especially after the hard fail of THPS 5. I unfortunately regret buying that game...

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Yes! I was literally just searching for a remastered THPS underground that I could play on my ps4. Many of my friends have mentioned the same thing. I think the target age group would be the 25 - 35. That was a great game for us! 

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