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is glen dead

The Walking Dead

There has been many speculation that glen can not be dead, my recent thoughts are that glen was looking at not his own intestines but the guy who fell on him is being eaten instead of everyone's visual assumption and that there assumption is misplaced so for glen to be presumed as living we would need a theory such as a person or some sort of object distracts the walkers and glen gets away. Or that he crawls under the dumpster directly behind him.

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I believe that Glen isn't dead, he can't have died.

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He isn't dead the person who shot himself actually saved Glenn and Glenn somehow someway found his way out

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why does mine not have a download option for xbox 360

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He's probably dead this time around though Smiley Sad Steven hasn't been seen filming the new series, nor has Abraham; yet Daryl and co. have. This time, I really think he has met his maker.

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