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Merle's Bar Bug

The Walking Dead

I go to merle's bar  wane go in go knocked out wane you awake you take arrow's + small knife wane take small knife out body .

oder dead wane need go up wane wit crossbow but dead wane wite crossbow wond stend up is bug i have . hep me can not continue the game .... how to fix dis bug ???


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have you tried to replay from a save before, or in another console??

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Can you please rephrase, or tidy up the grammar in the question? I cant tell if this is a reference im missing or if you unintentionally wrote your question very poorly. Not to say its a bad question but its a very hard one to understand when i can barely understand what your saying.

Or maybe english isny your native language, any chance que to hablas espanol, you puedo ayudar te mas si ingles es un problema por usted?

But heres what ill try and do based off my assumptions.

So your playing the game, have you tried googling a walk-through or typing the name of the level your on in a youtube search to find a video guide showing you what you need to do, or is this a bug that youve run into that had you completely trapped behind a metaphorical brick wall?

Another thing i would do is google what you think people might be calling the bug on youtube because with games now a days chances are that a bug you run into is a bug someone else has had to deal with as well and hopefully was given an answer or found a solution and then wrote it down where they asked the initial question.

Google is your best friend when it comes to problems and video games, i rarely ever have to ask questions myself now a days because i can find the answer eventually just by reading enough from other people who have had similar problems as mine like on a specific hitman absolution level i was playing a week back.

If all else fails worst case scenario you hopefully have another save you can go back to, and then you can try the mission or area over again but in a slightly different manner or possibly just do it over in the hopes its just a one time rare bug. If you dont have any other saves from earlier parts in the game you could be stuck there unless you restart the game, not that that is the case in this scenario, but plenty of us have had that happen and its a horrible experience. So a lot of gamers usually will make new save files as they progress through the game in case they run into a bug that cant be resolved that is preventing them from finishing the game. So if your not doing that already especially in RPG styled games now is a great time to start doing it in any future games you play.

I hope this was helpful to you and i wish you the best of luck. Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding my reply to this post, im happy to be of service.

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