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Game keeps freezing is anyone working on this issue?

The Walking Dead


My ps3 of The Walking Dead Survival Instinct, keeps freezing and will not go forward. I have a disc copy that I thought was maybe a bad copy, so I purchased digital copy, both in which is expensive mind you. And both copies are freezing. I really want this game, and I don't want to request a refund through PlayStation, but if these issues can't be resolved, I need to know about it, so that every time I load my game I'm not disappointed with the freeze, and just get my money back.

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Hey there,

Sorry to hear you are running into freezing issues with that. Have you tried any hardware tests with your PS3 in case the freezing is related to that? Are any other games having any similar issues? Also, make sure to check for updates on your PS3. On top of that, can you please try Rebuilding the Database? Thanks and let me know about all of that.


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