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Was the SNOOPY GRAND ADVENTURE GAME 3DS made with an error?

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In the Snoopy's Grand Adventure Game 3DS I have found an error in the MELODY'S CHATEAU  LUDWIG'S LODGE level. In the Wii U Game it starts with a treasure chest with the Inspector Costume that Snoopy changes into & then you go to the left by a wall & go up to a different level & come to another treasure chest with a Boy Scout hat in it, so now you can climb up the fencing material in the game. But in the 3DS game the is no Boy Scout Hat after the Inspector costume, there is another Inspector costume treasure chest, so I have been unable to find a Boy Scout Hat treasure chest in order to climb the fencing material & gather the Beagle Scout & Jellybeans that I need to finish the level.  So does anyone know the solution or did the game company make an error in this 3DS game?

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the solution is to visit activision support and chat with customer support and request a game update that fixes the bug.

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