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Why Did Activision Say no to Heavy Iron Studios to make the Spongebob Out of Water Game?

Sponge Bob

If anyone has been keeping track of Fred5107tm on youtube, he said that Activision said no to Heavy Iron studios making the Spongebob Out of Water game. What is this? Why are you the guys at Activision saying no to a studio that made the best Spongebob Games ever. Such as: Battle For Bikini Bottom, The Movie Game, and Truth or Square. Why would these guys turn Heavy Iron down? This Studio is the BEST! Well, if you want to ruin Spongebob like with Plankton's Robotic Revenge, then you won't make the next game that kids will play EVERY Saturday.



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Probably because there's already a spongebob game in development or they're wrecking the franchise, e.g Crash Bandicoot...

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