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What we want to see in this game


So fellow Spidey fans...

what do YOU all want in this game? What are you guys hoping to see?

Me personally I could care less if it's free roam. I love free roaming but the linear aspect gave me a feeling of brought me back to all the hours I would put into Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2:Enter Electro.

Things I'm looking forward to in this game are:

A great story

Awesome Voice Acting: Apparently it's been confirmed Josh Keaton is in the game. So I'm assuming he will be The Amazing Spider-Man(which is waaaay BETTER than having NPH imo) and since 2099 is in this I can only assume Dan Gilvezan will be reprising the role. I'm hoping we get alot of voice actors from past animated series such as the 90s, Unlimited, Spectacular, and hey, maybe even the upcoming Ultimate.

Great Gameplay: Awesome swing system, great combat system, etc.

Great Graphics: As awesome as the graphics were in Shattered Dimensions, I have no doubt this will equally be awesome if not more.

Narration: Stan Lee narrating again would be awesome!

Stuff I've been waiting to have in a Spidey game since 2001 when Enter Electro came out:

"WHAT IF?" mode and the Spider-Man Unlimited costume. Beenox, if you are reading this, PLEASE I BEG YOU!!!! SEE IF YOU CAN GET "WHAT IF?" mode into this game and/or the SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED suit(for 2099 universe or Amazing..personally i think it would be cool if the same alternate costumes could be worn by both Spideys)

Stuff that Marvel would have to do themselves prob:

MERCHANDISE: t-shirts, posters, action figures -cough- Hasbro u better do this since u effed up with not making toys for the last game -cough- etc.

Stuff that is out of people's control: wish ppl would stop putting BatMan Arkham Asylum(and it's upcoming sequel)on such a high friggin pedestal. I've been a fan of BatMan since I was literally 1 year old and all I can say is Arkahm Asylum is not as awesome as everyone makes it out to be. all it was was a bunch of hype since i came out not long after the release of TDK which was also alot of hype. Hopefully this game gets as much recognition if not more than Arkham Asylum.

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Spiderman voice from the 90s TV show!

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the linear aspect gave me a feeling of brought me back to all the hours I would put into Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2:Enter Electro.

Yeah i feel the same.

I want: 1) Great graphic.

2) Rino Romano

3) Classic Venom

4) Cool Combat system

5) A LOT alt.costumes (Symbiote,scarlet,ben reilly,bagman,spider armor,spider-carnage,unlimited....)

6) many bonuses

7) good story (of course)

8) STAN LEE!!!

9) and many cameos and guests

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I just want to say in my opinion Arkham Asylum isnt just hype, its one of the best games I've ever played. It really makes you feel like your playing as Batman in his world, and no other game has done that for me. Yeah TDK did have a lot of hype, maybe too much, but I think every praise AA got was very well deserved.

As for this game, a great story and I want to see free-roam return. It doesnt need to be the whole city, but I dont like playing only linear missions all that much. I'm not sure how the cause and effect thing will work, but I hope its kind of like infamous where you can choose good or bad. I doubt it would be between good or bad but you could have like save MJ or save the tram full of people type choices.

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I want a huge load of costumes and unlockables, good combat, an improvement on the web of destiny(had potential, but was a tad boring. Look at the riddler challenges from the Arkham games, that stuff is fun and serves the fans), and finally, make it a long game, much longer then SMSD was. Batman Arkham City is going for 30 hours, this game should try for the same.

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Really I want to see is for free-roam come back.

I'm really not that picky about games. But spidey needs free-roam.

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I want the fun web of destiny to return. I loved completing the challenges. I also want a GOOD story. I didn't like the one in SD. The levels were only connected in the 2099 universe, while you just happened to stumble upon fragments in the other universes. Beenox should also fix the camera while wall-crawling. Remember when we are on the ceiling we want to know what's on the floor.

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I would like a freeroam... but not just one of the ones where you run around a town where everything looks the same and you can't go in any of the buildings. It would also be good if it had better combat, and it should seem you are able to be spiderman instead of just one where you can't change anything or do anything that you would want to do, it would be better where you can controle spiderman and make decisions.

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It doesn't have to be free roam, but the areas should be a little more than totally linear. I don't like feeling like a hamster in a habitrail. There's not much point in creating beautiful levels if I'm rushing through them at the speed of light.

The combat system could be better. I didn't see much point in buying a lot of the upgrades in SD. At the end of the game, which I only bothered playing once, I had a ton of unspent points left over.

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(which is waaaay BETTER than having NPH imo)

He speaks ill of NPH! Get him!!!

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