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TASM2 progression problem


HEy, So I am playing the Amazing SPider Man 2 that I bought on bundle from the PLaystation Store. I get to the Day of the Hunter, right after completing the car chase mission, the game keeps going, but no income calls or missions. I am literally web slinging around, collecting comics. I restart it and even done a whole new game to see if I can work past it. Nope, endless loop. On the ps3 so would like see the new update to fixing that. or something.


If the updates had basically come to end, then I would like to get a refund. I live in the coutry, where satellite from the lowest quality has to happen. I can't download during the day, so I have to start the download at night time, when I am sleeping.

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Registered: ‎27-07-2016
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