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Spider-Man 3 Instruction Manual for Nintendo DS needed!



Can someone out there please tell me where I can find/download/Google the controls/instruction booklet/manual for 'Spider-Man 3' game for the Nintendo DS?

I just bought it, played it for a few minutes, and I'm so lost as to how I can use Spider-man to his fullest superpowers! LOL

I prefer to just download it for free, but if I have to buy it cheap from somewhere, please provide the link.

Thanks a lot!

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I'm afraid we do not have a game manual for that specific title. Here is our list of official manuals in a variety of different languages. My suggestion is to look online as I'm positive a list of the controls are out there. Again, apologies for not being able to provide much assistance with this but best of luck.

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Hello again!


Thanks for your reply. I have looked online through Google but sadly there are no controls are out there.

I will try again to work a solution for this.

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