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Questions about Into The Spiderverse



Hello everyone,


For the record, I haven’t seen the whole movie, only clips (I never got around to it, okay?).

Also, PLEASE no hateful remarks or rude comments. I just came here to ask a few questions, not trigger people.

I just watched the fight scene at Aunt May’s house. I could barely see what was going on due to the animation style, but from the looks of it, either the villains were OP or the heroes were seriously nerfed.

Seriously, it’s four on six (seven of you count May with her bat). How were the Spidermen doing so badly?

Also, why are Doc Ock’s tentacles so strong if they’re made of rubber? Spiderman has super strength; he should be able to tear through them.

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Registered: ‎20-05-2019
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