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PLEASE MAKE SPIDERMAN 1-2 and 3 backwards compatible


I think I can speak for everyone on this topic. The great things about play old games is the nostalgia, if you are like me you will remember playing these spiderman games front to back. I remember playing spider man 1 and just enjoyed swinging around through the air where my webs just grabbed on to the clouds and not the buildings... ahhhh good memories. Remember in spider man 2 when you would do the pizza missions and that awesome music would start. That is a meme now, and I'm glad it is because it brings back memories. Remember collecting those little golden coins in spider man 1. Remember in spider man 3 when you first get black suit and you though you looked like a complete Badass. Also remember when you would launch across the map with your web catapult thing and you would spend like 10 minutes going back just to launch your self again. Remember jumping off the empire state build just to see your self do a belly flop on the ground. Hey and I will never forget about the tutorial guy... what a great guy! Man I really hope a lot of people see this so we can make this happen. PLEASE we need this to happen, do it for Stan Lee!

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Registered: ‎04-12-2018

Unfortunately thats not possible and if it had been the devs wont be working on an old game.



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Registered: ‎25-08-2018
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