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Limited Edition/Collectors Edition/Special Edition


Would you like a Special Edition/Limited Edition/Collectors Edition. They didn't release one for Shattered Dimensions and I would really like it if they did.

The kind of stuff I would like to see accompanying the game would be:

-The game itself

-Manual in colour

-Edge of Time Art book

-Codes for bonus costumes

-DLC for extended game play/challenges/maps

-Exclusive costumes (Cosmic Spidey with unique game-play and flying ability/ Hulked-Out Amazing and 2099 with more powerful attacks, higher jumping)

Extra stuff probably for a Limited Edition/Collectors Edition (including everything from above):

-Special Front cover(packaging)

-Exclusive challenges/maps

-Edge of Time Comic

-Statue of Amazing and 2099

What would you have in a Limited Edition/Collectors Edition?

Also feel free to vote and Share your opinions on: PS1 Spiderman 1+2 on PS Store


Sam Ramai/Tobey Maguire. Spider-Man Trilogy game Collection

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Unfortunately, no dice :\

The costumes do carry over from Shattered Dimensions, though!

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