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Arena/challenge mode


Id really really really like to see this return

Maybe a fighting arena, an acrobatic arena, etc.....

what do ya think

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I'm pretty sure friend or foe(yes I actually played it) ad this feature and it was terrible. The character's powers were so uneven and cheap that my little using iron fist won all the time using some weird dragon aura type move. I do not want this feature

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well not a versus mode per se...but something like

the fighting arena in sm2 and spidey 1 and spidey 2 enter electro

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Oh okay though I still don't think so

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It would be a great way to make the game last longer.

Plus, you can add scenarios that wouldn't need context.

Like, fighting two bosses at once.

Seriously, imagine if in Shattered Dimensions, there was an arena battle, where each character could fight all 3 of their villains at the same time.

It might take a while to work out the kinks with the camera and such, but if they could get it right, it would be awesome to take on multiple bosses.

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why should there be a fighting arena!?

Spiderman's main ability is to swing not walk around beating bad guys.

Also this arena battle or horde mode is over used and shows lack of development put to a game.

Just add co-op support or some other unlockable mode.

Arena mode/Horde mode is so 6th generation. We are in 7th gen and don't need that garbage.

Co-op, mulitplayer or some unlockable mode like Trial of St Lucia mode like from Dante's Inferno

no horde trash mode.

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Is there anything you don't hate? Honestly.

Optimus_prime12 Level 75
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No to mention that adding tacked-on co-op or multiplayer IS lazy developing. People eat up multiplayer even if the actual game is mediocre.

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It is overused but I see it being used again.

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Boss Rush Mode!!!!!

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