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Amazing Spiderman 2 xbox 360 disc unreadable error



Hi,I purchased a brand new xbox 360 disc for amazing spider man 2 sometime in Feb 2016. The game was showing unreadable error on launching. I replaced the disc from the store the very same day. But it did not help me, the second disc also showed me the same error. I thought the lens of my xbox 360 has some problem I bought lens cleaner cd but the game kept displaying same error.I called xbox 360 and they said there is a problem in xbox console and I need to send the same for repair. I paid $90 and they fix my xbox, but the disc was still not working. Then I tried the game on couple of my friend's console and kept getting the same error. After trying in 4 console disc did not work. My question is what option do I have, can you replace the disc or provide me free online download for xbox 360? Please let me know.T

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Registered: ‎05-08-2016
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