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All Gamers Want Spider-Man 2:The Movie(2004) Remastered in Turkey


           Hello Activision,

I'm from Turkey and I'm sorry for my poor English.

We saw a lot of Spider Man games and they haven't be pleased us.(Web of Shadow,Friend or Foe,The Amazing Spider Man series)Theirs graphics are not so bad but(The Amazing series have good graphics)everything isn't graphics.Their dynamics,physic motor's are bad and when we control Spider Man,we couldn't feel momentum.There aren't all of.We haven't saw Peter Parker and his life,his face and in this game Spider Man isn't as Spider Man as we know.


But we played great Spider Man game in PS2,Xbox,GC.

We played it in PS2,I said "we" but I couldn't play it when I was science.This game was: Spider Man-2:The Movie.

This game was the best Spider Man game because it has not bad graphics for 2004,good fight dynamics,good throw web dynamics and it has epique momentum,we can't see other Spider Man games.Peter Parker was Tobey Maguire in this game like movie.Activision is doing new Spider Man game.In this game Spider Man will be Homecoming's Spiderman who use technology,different Spider Man suit and the main problem: Peter Parker will be Tom  Holland.This isn't our Spider Man.This Spider Man likes A child version of Spider Man or Spider Man's comedy film version,not real Spider Man.

We miss Spider Man 2:The Movie(2004) for PS2 and we talk about it,we call it,we remember old days together.

We would like to see it in PS4 remake or remastered.We will be very hapy if we play it on PS4.

                      We thank for each day Activision.

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Spider-Man returns to PlayStation 2 in a game based on the July 2004 feature film starring Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. Using a revamped 3D engine that offers an interconnected world instead of standalone levels, players swing past skyscrapers high above New York City streets Discord as they respond to residents in need. Meanwhile, Doctor Octopus plans on taking over the city with a combination of deadly force and criminal ingenuity. Adobe Reader Those familiar with 2002's Spider-Man on PlayStation 2 will notice a number of changes to the interface, gameplay, and look designed to improve upon some of the earlier title's shortcomings.

Instead of swinging along a horizontal plane while outdoors, attaching the webbing to an invisible ceiling, players will be able to fire webs at all angles but only on visible surfaces. To help secure webbing to objects, iTunes an onscreen cursor will target potential surfaces and indicate where the next available surface is so players know where to swing to. The camera has also been

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