Check out our latest studio outing to a paintball course in the Bay Area. 

By SledgehammerGames
July 8, 2016

Summer in Northern California to us means BBQs, fireworks, warms nights, and plenty of time outdoors with friends and family. Our 7th Anniversary is coming up soon and we're looking forward to sharing more about our studio celebration and annual #Hammerweek fan celebration – look for more details next week. Until then, take a look at our latest team outing – Paintball!




Nearly 100 of our Hammers split up into two teams (aptly named Team One & Team Two), three squads per team (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie & Yankee, X-Ray, Zulu respectively), and joined in on the fun at a paintball course just north of our studio near San Pablo Bay. The morning started out with some warmup games of Speedball on flat and fast courts lined with obstacles like barrels and boxes.




From there, we moved on to a 30-acre Big Arena for a real-life version of one of our Call of Duty favorites: Capture The Flag.  The match was a ton of fun, as the teams navigated forts and a sprawling forest in effort to complete the objective. Ultimately Team Two took the flag and the W for CTF.




The morning also featured an escort mission starring Glen Schofield as “The Man in the Bright Orange Vest.” After some unsuccessful scouting missions led by Team One leadership and their supporting sentries, they were unsuccessful at stopping Schofield and his plot to overtake the Fort. The paintball was strong with Team Two on this day.


After a great team lunch, and several Search and Destroy matches in afternoon, Team Two took top marks for the day.  Everyone came away happy, dusty, and thankful for a great studio day with friends, old and new.




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