SHG March Charity: Hearts for Binghams

By SledgehammerGames
March 21, 2016


We’re proud to announce that our Monthly Studio Charity for March is Hearts for Binghams – a fundraiser supporting the Bingham Family and their ongoing medical and travel needs. As a Bay Area development studio, we’re committed to helping out those in need and the Bingham Family is in dire need of our support. In short, three out of five of their children have been affected by rare heart disorders requiring huge medical expenses, travel, and heart transplants. To support their fundraising efforts, we’re hosting a studio-wide poker tournament at SHG next week to raise money for Jason, Stacy, Sierra, Megan, Lindsey, Hunter, and Gage Bingham. Their dedication to overcoming the odds is truly an inspiration to us at the studio and we’re hoping that by spreading awareness our community will get involved too.


For donations, please visit and be sure to check out Jason and Stacy's blog here:


If you have a charity that you’re passionate about and would like us to consider supporting, please drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook.