In Case You Couldn't Tell, We Love Halloween

By SledgehammerGames
November 1, 2016




Halloween at the studio gets better and better each year. More Hammers dress up, more families join us, more games are played, and more pie is eaten (albeit a bit sloppily!).

This year, a variety of activities kept the evening energetic. We had a costume contest, a mummy wrapping contest, a pie-eating contest, and a carved pumpkin contest. We also really outdid ourselves with ambiance. Spooky colored lighting, scary movies playing on a projector, a photo booth, a fog machine, and killer decorations enhanced the vibe.

And then there were the treats. A whole table of sweets, a candy apple making station, tons of scary food, and party favors for the kids. All in all, we had a blast, and can’t wait to do it again next year! Here are our favorite shots from the party:


balconyshot.JPGAhh, the balcony. Where you go when costumes get too hot and you need a fresh breath of Bay air.desserts.JPGThe truffles were to die for.eyeballs.JPGDeviled eyes, anyone?funnycostumes.JPGOur contestants for "Funniest Costume."glencondrey.JPGCan you tell which one is Glen and which one is Michael?groupshot.JPGGood food, good folks, good vibes.ironman.JPGIron Man made an appearance.pieeating.JPGThe competition was fierce.starwarsdaftpunk.JPGDaft Punk has been seduced by the Dark Side.

grouphalloween.PNGDinosaurs, mermaids, and Left Shark, oh my!