April Charity of the Month - Mission Blue Butterfly

By SledgehammerGames
April 20, 2017

For our April Charity of the Month, we decided to give back to our environment. We love and value our state of California and enjoy taking the time to keep our wildlife thriving. In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, we got a head start and went out this past Saturday to participate in Golden Gate Parks’ habitat restoration event.


The focus of this event was Mission Blue Butterfly. The blue butterfly is endangered and its habitat is slowing killed by a disruptive weed called Italian Thistle. On Saturday, we grabbed some tools and got to work helping restore the blue butterfly’s home.

It’s a mission much bigger than ourselves, and we were happy to do our part and help out. This weekend, we encourage you to get out to your local parks and community areas and get involved! Whether it’s part of a larger habitat restoration project or even just picking up trash and litter you see while you’re out, every little action makes an impact.