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Trap Team game not in the App store

Skylanders Trap Team Forum


Couple years ago, bought this starter pack. Even bougth new ipad (Ipad Air) for this to work with. Now i want to play again and the game dont show up in the app store ...

What can i do to resolve this issue?

Greetz, D.

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Registered: ‎15-10-2018

Unfortunately, if you deleted it off your tablet, you are unable to download it - due to changes in devices/Apple OS, the age of the game and Activision not seeing it being worth getting the staff/time/money to update it.

You ~may~ be able to download it from your download/purchase history, but whether you'll be able to download all the data needed for it is another matter...

If you ~really~ want to play again, you can try one of the console versions?

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