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supercharger on ipad 4 not working

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supercharger on ipad 4 not working

I downloaded supercharger on my ipad 4 and i get stuck in a spinning cloud when i start the game. What can i do to get the game going?



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Re: supercharger on ipad 4 not working

in reply to SKYDEAFERS
You have probably found the answer or given up by now. I had the same issue last month and found that Superchargers will work on IoS 9.3.5 (the max for Ipad3) but not on IoS 10.3.3 (the max for Ipad4). I have set mine up on an Ipad3 with IoS 9.3.5 and it's running ok but if you have an Ipad4 running IoS 9.x then it should be ok until you update to 10.x !!!!
Activision support did look for a fix for the problem but eventually told me that they were no longer developing the game and that they could not guarantee it working on the later versions of the IoS. (I think it launched @ IoS 6 or 7)
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