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not able to do pairing bluetooth with skylanders superchargers and iPad mini OS

Skylanders SuperChargers Forum

Hello, I purchased the game skylanders superchargers and i am unable to pair it with the protable device ipad mini. I even tried my iphone 8  , without avail. I folllowed the instructions , i downloaded the game from app store, i activated blue tooth on device, then after inserting batteries in portal and remote hand set, i pressed the keys button specified on both portal and remote hand set , they started both blinking, i placed the 2 figures on the portal, sadly it would not pair with ipad mini , i tried my iphone 8 , turned bluetooth on, still same , no pairing is established with device , tried that like 5 times without avail. before i send the game back, thought to drop  a word to see if  someone can resolve this issue, could be that the actual game be faulty, i cant tell. opened all right from box , followed instructions. please advise. Thank you.

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Have you tried connecting the devices through the device's Bluetooth menu? Following the below steps?

Turn on your Bluetooth Portal of Power
Tap Settings on your iOS device and select Bluetooth.
Slide the switch to on to enable Bluetooth.
Press the Bluetooth sync button on the bottom of the Portal of Power. This will cause the light to blink rapidly.
Return to your iOS device's Bluetooth settings and select Portal of Power under MY DEVICES.

The iOS versions of the game are no longer officially supported, however, so there is a chance that even if you can connect the portal and controller fine, the game may not run optimally if you're not using a device/iOS version from a couple years ago.

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