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how the hell do I open a support ticket

Skylanders SuperChargers Forum

i am having trouble with the unique code to sync up the portal for the skylander starter pack for tablets.  i gave the pack to a co-worker for her grandson. it was never used and returned to me.  I tried to sync it up for my great nephew but the booklet containing the unique code to sync up the portal was not returned.  what do i do now?  how do i receive a code?  this is the worst customer service i have ever experienced

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I'd wager you already know what you need to get the code - to have the booklet given back to you. Assuming it ~is~ a unique code, then there's no way you'd be able to be given a new code by anyone else, as you'd need the specific one that that specific portal wants. However, if it's instead a generic code like 1111 or 0000, you may have some luck going through the support channels which are Activision Assist on Facebook and ATVIAssist on Twitter.

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