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Idea for new Skylanders Game

Skylanders SuperChargers Forum


My name is Carter,


I have come up with an idea for a new Skylanders game.  It is called Skylanders Evolution. In the game, Kaos and a new villain "Kao's Dad" still try to take over Skylands. So Eon makes a new team of Skylanders and they learn something new and powerful. Evolution! Once a Skylander levels up to a certain level, they evolve! They can earn new moves and they also become stronger and faster and earn new armor and weapons. Also, there are three new elements. Poison, Speed, and Steel. The only way to defeat Kaos's dad is the light (you may remember the darkness but there is a new good version of darkness) The Skylanders must save Skylands from Kaaos and his dad. 



Carter Smith & Pierce Gibson

P.S Can you also make the game compatible on the Wii U and wii?  Thank you so much.

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Registered: ‎01-02-2019
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