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Lost data / retry download

Skylanders Lost Islands Forum

Hello, today i tryed to load my island after along break from the game, i started playing roughly in august 2013 and played untill feb 2015, in that time i spent £39.15 on gems (checked my itunes recepts) and spent countless hours playing. appon loading the game today it loaded at level 2 when i know i was at around level 43-45 but i forget, the last screenshot i have of my game on my phone is september 2014 but i was playing for 5 months after this on a daily basis the screenshot shows i was level 41 i had 139 skylanders, 11 million gold, 1 million dust, 2660 kudos or whatever they are called and 576 gems,. anyway so i deleted the app from my phone and reinstalled it in hope it would reset my game data back to what it should be but all it says now is: retry download kaos is at it again.. im sure i use to connect through facebook or activate account or something but all it does now is try and connect through the itunes gamer tag thing, but nothing happens. hope someone can help me out with this so i can retrive my save game, thanks

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It's a known issue, and there's no fix yet.

one thing you may be able to try is to close all the apps currently running on your device, reboot it (for iDevice, hold lock button down until it does the "slide to power off", leave it for a minute or so, switch back on) and try running the app (maybe try with airplane mode on?)

unfortunately, at this time, deleting and reinstalling the app may have been the wrong thing to do, as there's not been an update for the game for a while, so it may be that it's not properly compatible with the latest iOS version

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thankyou for your reply Bisylizze, i tryed what you said but all it says is you need an internet connection to play if tryed in airplane mode, i guess i will have to come to terms that the game is lost, the app doesnt work atall and i cant even restart (Not that i would) just puts me off playing any activision games in the future i dont see how it is hard to keep a game running, even more so when people have payed money for it. hopfuly in the future this issue is resolved. i couldnt understand why it has rolled back to level 2 and there didnt seem a way to log out off account and back in using facebook or activate ect.. so i thought deleting it would be the correct answer. never mind ive not played it for over 2 years, just a shame it is a good game i just got bored cos i basscily had everything when i stopped playing

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Like Bisylizzie said, this has been a known issue for well over a year now. Activision support finally stated that they are NOT going to fix this issue and that the game will have no further basically the game is dead. Anyone who uninstalls the game will not be able to reinstall it.

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