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When and How are you going to release the unreleased Yawn Traps from Trap Team!?!

Skylanders Imaginators

When and How are you going to release the unreleas...

Hello, I'm Dalton (AKA DashTwisterstorm) and I am one of your Long-Time fan of one of your franchises, Skylanders.

If you would like to know, Trap Team is my most favorite of the 6 games and I've been in this from the first game to the next. During my hunt of the traps back in 2014, I've just noticed online that only Australia get the release of the last remaining Yawn Traps and not in Europe or America. I know the stocks of the traps in our country is really overlayed with Water Traps and yes the Traps are out of production for a while because of it but leaving a incomplete trap collection without the final piece of their collection is very indeed troubling for most of us. So as a long-term fan from the beginning, I wanted to know your plans of whenever or not of how your gonna finally release them. Well I can tell you some ideas into three ways if you want.

1. You can actually release the Traps as a triple pack like you did with most of your figures and traps and then release them alongside with either Imaginators or the seventh game.
2. You can hold on to that and use them as special club gift for many stores of America and Europe like GAME and Gamestop.
3. You can them as a Pre-Order gift for the next game. (If the Magic Items have any uses in the seventh game rather than give you in-game money)

Whenever they're on EBay, they have a huge price that the item was overlayed making many hardcore collectors like me having impossible time to get it. If you might have think that I'm the only one that need it well there is a closed petition of the Yawn Traps and over 250 people wanted a full release of the Traps in America.
Heres the link:

All I can say is please PLEASE! Release these unreleased remaining Yawn Traps Worldwide!. If giving the traps out to many random customers who wanted support in store is one thing but giving them out for a decent price or as a gift to make them a while will really make a different. Even if you guys have many figures to release in this time, you, Toys for Bob and many of your collabrations are the idea of this Sky-craze. Good Luck on making the Seventh Game sometime!
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Re: When and How are you going to release the unre...

in reply to DashTwisterstorm

I can't complete my trap collection either due to Acitivision not releasing the remainder of the traps in America.  I have every Skylander figure except those stupid crystal/flock variants that don't show up like that in-game.

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