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Skylanders next video game

Skylanders Imaginators


mai I’ve been wandering if there is a new Skylanders game in the making.

we haven’t seen any answer to this question since the release of imaginators.

can I get a yes or no at least.

are you planning on a new game soon?

i think the community wants a new toy to life game again and you know it should be Skylanders.

thank you



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Officially, the Skylanders series is on a sorta-hiatus, with Ring of Heroes being the newest game (currently soft-launches in some territories, should be rolling out worldwide in the next couple of months)

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I see a strong need for a new „Best of“  compatible with VR Headsets.


Levels recycled from Imaginators, Trap, Superchargers, Swap Force. Some new contents as a „gift“ like online 2vs2 battlearenas, racing mode, Tower Defense.


and maybe less purchase pressure to gain new fans.


when parents chat with each other Im pretty sure it‘s better in the end if they say „yeah nice game and you dont need to purchase anything (but we did in the end)“ than this „must buy“.

becaus the second option makes parents not buying the game at all.

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