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Skylanders imaginators portal keeps acting up

Skylanders Imaginators

My xbox one skylanders imaginators portal of power keeps acting up. When i put a compatible figure on it, the portal will work and let me play then it suddenly stops and acts like i removed it and then put the figure back on. Sometimes it acts like there is no figure on it at all. Can someone plz help me out with this issue.

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Registered: ‎20-11-2015

Is the portal away from any metal surfaces or electronic devices? Have you got any other games or consoles to test it on? Can you try using another portal with the game? Is it possible to take the starter pack back to the place of purchase and try to get a replacement? Can you see if somewhere has a cheap Xbox One portal that you could use instead? Otherwise, contact Activision Assist through either their Facebook or Twitter pages, or find the Activision Warranty site and go through the steps on there.

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Registered: ‎13-02-2014
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