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Racing on N. Switch

Skylanders Imaginators

Racing on N. Switch

I am a really big fan of Skylanders and I am about to get the Nintendo Switch version of this game, but I heard it doesn't have racing. This wouldn't be a big deal if you already had Superchargers, but that isn't available on the switch. I would love to be able to race on the go and probably have a better connection than the wii u. Activison, listen! If you haven't released this update yet, please do it soon. OH, and this should also boost sales, as one of the few flaws of the switch version is the lack of racing. This should help boost the sales of this version, so really the only difference then would be the lower quality portal funcionality, but even that isn't so bad, as it really is optimized for being portable. And even if you didn't want to scroll through, you could always just scan the skylander again. Great job on porting this game, Activision. Keep it up!



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Registered: ‎10-04-2017
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