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Is there any way to get the creation parts found in the Tiki Temple blue chest without actually having to physically have one?

Skylanders Imaginators

Me my wife and daughter love Skylanders and over time we've got together a huge army of them. We especially love creating Imaginators but unfortunately we never got round to getting the Tiki Temple level set; after a long hunt we found a Wildstorm in order to get the last level.


However, we are yet to find the blue chest to unlock the final creation pieces. It's the only thing we've got to get to have a 'complete' game. 


Is there any way we can get the final pieces without having the chest physically?  Are there any plans to be able to buy them via DLC?


Thanks for taking the time to read this Smiley Happy

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The answer to both your questions is “nope”, the Imaginite parts that come in the blue chests are exclusive to those chests as an incentive to have purchased the full packs when they released.

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