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Idea%3A Skylanders best of VR

Skylanders Imaginators


Hello, wouldnt it be great exploring hidden chests with headtracking and voyaging the skylands in 3-D Vr?! 


Since PSVRs Astrobot showed thoose thinks I cant get it out of my head playing Skylanders like that.


programming would be pretty small - just a best of like youd need to implement the headtracking & thata it generally.


figures are regogbized by holding them to the PSVR cam and saved. New players can buy digital figure packages.


if youd like to gift old figure collectors build a 24/7 tower defense where Chaos attacks and you place your figures as defense which runs even logged of and e.g. Vollect couns.

the more & better the figures player hast the longer defense wirks.

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Registered: ‎11-05-2019
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