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Universal Windows Platform Support (UWP)

Skylanders Battlecast Forum


Can we get windows platform support for these mobile applications? Seems like it shouldn't be to hard to port them over. I have nothing vested in Android and iOS and don't plan on it going forward. It seems to me if there is ~200 million windows 10 users that it would make sense to get this done. Heck you could even have it working on the XBOX One with UWP and have the Kinect sensor scan cards. Seems like missed a missed market and now my kids will suffer. Shelling out mass amounts of money for skylanders you'd think that activision would be kind enough to target all platforms. Seeing how its a multi billion dollar market for this style of game now. I noticed Disney Infinity has support for windows. Shame on Activision.

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Registered: ‎20-12-2015
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