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Skylanders battlefield code has expired how can I get this game to work on iPad %2C

Skylanders Battlecast Forum

Hello I am in the uk , we have just purchased the Skylanders battlefield game for our son, unboxed today ready to use and the download code inside the pack expired in 2014 , I can't find it on the App Store , is there a way to redeem this code or am I wasting my time , should I return the game , it was purchased from Amazon , silly me didn't read the reviews , I just thought oh look a Skylanders game the boys don't have lets buy it , Amy help please 

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Hi Max - 


According to the Skylanders Mobile FAQ, that game is no longer being supported.


Please note: The following Skylanders mobile games are no longer being updated and have limited support:

  • Skylanders: Cloud Patrol
  • Skylanders: Battlegrounds
  • Skylanders: Lost Islands
  • Skylanders: Collection Vault
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