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Dont Post Here, It Wont Do Any Good

Skylanders Battlecast Forum

If you're having a problem with this app, well, Activision says ***** YOU GUY. 

This is a company that doesn't care about its customers or community, if you can call it that. There is no tech support department. Your issue wont be resolved. If this is the same kind of "tech support" i am going to receive when I need help with ond of my Skylander games on my PS4---in which I have spent well over $500 in characters and Adventure Packs--I will sell all of my games and tell everyone I know to steer clear of this company. This is pathetic. They dont give a ***** about helping you unless theyre getting paid. WELL MOTHER*****ERS DONT YOU THINK MOST OF THE PEOPLE PLAYING THE FREE GAMES ARE ALSO SPENDING REAL LIFE MONEY ON GAMES THAT ARE NOT FREE ON OTHER PLATFORMS?! Do you WANT to lose customers?

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Registered: ‎11-04-2017
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