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Prototype bio bundle corrupted.


So I bought prototype bio bundle from xbox 360 and when I try to download it, any item goes to 98%, then back to 0, repeats 3 times, then the download fails and error message appears and says that it can't be downloaded. Same with every item. Tried formating my hard drive, clearing system catche, restarting internet and switching storage device. Nothing helps. The items appear on storage as ''corrupted''. I can download any other game or app.


Did comtact the activision support and microsoft support. They say that the game might itself be corrupted, thats why users arent able to download it. 

Told me to post it in the forums also.


Anyone experencing these problems? How to fix them?

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Registered: ‎30-05-2016

A bit different but still an issue on my side! Small 45mb app has been downloaded right after I've purchased this bundle. But when I run this App it fails to start downloading games!


Platform: XBOX360

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Registered: ‎06-01-2017
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